Shannon’s brand-new women’s event is packed full of the humorous stories and solid biblical teaching that you have come to expect.  Shannon tackles topics that women of all ages can relate to including:


“Purse-uing Poise…Carrying Confidence Only God Can Give.”
Description-we will take a look at the word confidence and how to have, and keep, the kind of confidence that God intends for us to have through Him.

“Purse-uing Position…Toting Burdens to the Cross.”
Description-we will look at overcoming adversity through the power of God’s Word and how to manage our emotions when the going gets tough.

“Purse-uing People…Packing Personalities of Purpose.”
Description-God created us all differently, and we will look at the four main personality types, characters in the Bible that exhibit those personality traits and how we can discover which main personalities traits define us so that we can be most effective for God’s Kingdom.

“Purse-uing Purpose…Handling God’s Perfect Plan for Our Lives.”
Description-We know God has a purpose for our lives, but how can we know what His purpose is for us?  We will look at spiritual gifts as defined in God’s Word, how to find our gifts and we will discuss ways that those gifts may be used throughout the seasons of our lives. (includes a “Spiritual Gifts” inventory)